Take Our Gay Test for Personal Discovery and Understanding

Have you ever had feelings for a same-gender close friend?

Have you ever kissed someone or wanted to kiss someone of the same gender?

How do you feel about queer characters in TV shows and movies?

When someone asks you who you’re crushing on:

Has anyone ever asked you if you were gay?

When you imagine being in a relationship, what do you picture?

How would you feel about identifying as gay?

Have you ever felt attracted to someone of the same gender?

How do you feel about dating someone of the opposite gender?

Do you ever fantasize about being with someone of the same gender?

When you imagine kissing or being intimate with a future partner, how do you feel?

If you scroll through your feed or FYP, do you see content from queer creators?


In this Test there are many questions which are created for a user in which he can greatly understand in which context he is having is more Interest In and as the result, a user can have the genuine answer for his gender Interest.

The Budding thought for this test first came into the mind of Alfred Kinsey at the emergence of the 20th century. Alfred has created such a test with simple and normal questions so that users can know his actual interest in terms of many things when he is appearing for the test.

The test is precious for understanding a person's behavior by simply knowing what the person will think about the question and how he reacts to it. It is a controversial topic, but it continues to be used by researchers and clinicians alike. You can also say that personality test which will decide your orientation or type of behaviour.


When we are thinking about the Interest or attraction towards the same gender then we cannot measure for the senses and excitement with any scale or tools. Because there are many pages which remain Unturned and there remains great research and development to portray the proper result for the user in terms of his gender Interest.

This test includes all questions regarding feelings, personal experience and also regarding behavioural patterns which denote attraction and compatibility toward the same gender.

Following are the easy steps to start the test.

  • To start the test, click the 'Start Test button, and your questions appear on the screen.
  • Answer all the questions by selecting the correct answer that matches your feelings.
  • Continue until your final score is displayed on the screen.
  • According to your final score, your gender and gender orientation are decided.


Gender orientation is about your physical, emotional, or romantic attraction toward other people according to gender identity or expression.

Following are the identities associated with gender orientation -

  • Straight or heterodox people are attracted to a different gender. Like, women who are attracted to men or men who are attracted to women.
  • Gay or homophile people are attracted to people of the same gender.
  • Bi people are attracted to both men and women.
  • Pan or Queer people are attracted to many different gender identities like male, female, transgender, genderqueer, intersex, etc.
  • Questioning or Curious people are unsure about their sexual orientation.
  • Asexual people don't experience any sexual attraction for anyone.


The gender Interest test is best portrayed as a Physical, emotional and sexual attraction towards people which is based on gender identity or expression. Here is the detail that best describes the various gender details

Following are the identities associated with gender or sexual preference -

Straight or Heterosexual people are those whose attraction and sexual preference is to a different gender.

For example, women are attracted to men or men who are attracted to women.

  • Gay or Homosexual people are those whose attraction and sexual preference is towards the same gender.
  • Bisexual people are a vice versa type of people whose sexual preference is towards both men and women.
  • Pansexual are those whose attraction and sexual preference is towards all like male, female, transgender, intersex, etc.
  • Questioning or Curious people who are worried and who do not reveal their sexual preference. You may term out as shy people.
  • Asexual people are those who have experienced sexual attraction or interest in anyone.


  • Asexual ("ace") - A person who lacks interest in lovemaking or physical contact with their partners is known as Asexual.
  • Bi ("bi") - A person who attracts the same gender people for their physical contact is known as Bi.
  • Intersex - People born with anatomy or lovemaking characteristics that don't fit into the "male" or "female" binary boxes are known as intersex people.
  • Gay - A male person who attracts another male person for their sexual desires such kinds of persons are known as Gay. In other words, anyone who experiences romantic, emotional, or physical attraction to male people.
  • Lesbian - It is the opposite of Gay, A female person who attracts another female person for their physical desires such kind of persons are known as lesbians. In other words, lesbians are emotionally, romantically, or physically attracted to other women.
  • Pan ("pan") - Pan are people who don't limit their attraction and are attracted to any gender, whether male or female. According to Pan, gender and lovemaking are not determining factors for their attraction.
  • Queer - This is an umbrella term. According to queer theory and queer research, It is neither heterosexual nor cisgender. It is a limitation to gender binary systems.
  • Questioning - It is an unsure identification of gender, gender orientation, and gender identity.
  • Transgender ("trans" or "trans*") - Transgender people are identified as straight, gay, lesbian, Bi, etc., by birth. But by using medical treatment, they change their gender identity; these kinds of people are known as transgender.


  • Gay relationships don't work - It's not true! because it has been seen in research that gay couples are making their relationship stronger and more concrete than normal couples. these relationships are more stable and last longer than others lesbian and gays have a strong committed bond of successful relationship which creates a beautiful partnership with their partners. In a gay and lesbian relationship, it is not the same gender who are in preference but it is the common thought process which is shared by both which is different and modern than others in the society.
  • Most pedophiles are gay - There was a study which arrived in 1989 conducted by Kurt Freund, a scientist from the Institute of Psychiatry in Canada. The scientist showed images of children to adult gay and straight males and finds that homosexual men don’t react strongly to images of male children rather whereas heterosexual men react to an image of female children.
  • Gay parents aren't as good as a father and a mother -

    It is a quite debatable thing which derives that gay parents are not good as fathers and mothers but It could be partially true but not fully.

    In some texts, the same-gender parents have put a remarkable mark when come to parenting because when same-gender thoughts are matched then they can turn out the parenting also greatly. But, according to some research, it is found that gay parenting doesn’t work because for overall nourishment it is necessary that the child should get both father and mother love to grow up to be a fully healthy adult.

  • Being gay is a choice -

    Many researchers backed the theory which states the differences which the central nervous system present between homosexual and heterosexual people.

    These differences are eventually related to reconnaissance in brain development as the reason which can be chosen but in general, such things tentatively occurred with 2% of people throughout the globe.